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About iCAST

Background, History, and Goal

"Awareness" is the ability to be conscious of, feel, or perceive (Wikipedia). This implies vigilance in observation and alertness in drawing inferences from what one experiences (Merriam-Webster). The ultimate goal of awareness computing is to create computing systems that are themselves aware. This conference has been evolved from the International Workshop on Aware Computing (IWAC2009), the International Symposium on Aware Computing (ISAC2010), and the International Conference on Awareness Science and Technology (iCAST2011) in Dalian, and iCAST2012 in Seoul, Korea. The conference provides a forum for researchers, engineers, and scientists for discussing awareness computing and exchanging ideas, opinions, and the latest results in this emerging new field. The event this year is scheduled:

Submission Deadline: Jun. 15, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: Aug. 20, 2013
Camera-ready Due: Sep. 10, 2013
Author Registration (early-bird): Sep. 20, 2013
Conference Dates: November 2-4, 2013

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Author Kit

Publication, Registration

Papers must be prepared at the highest level of quality for inclusion in the conference proceedings. All papers must be: written in standard English and prepared in compliance with the paper formatting template. The following details on these factors should be carefully considered in preparation of papers.

(1) The maximum page limit is 6 inclusive of figures and tables. Organization committee offers the option to buy up to two extra pages for submission (JPY 10000 per page, maximum number of 2 extra pages).

(2) The review process of iCAST & UMEDIA 2013 is double-blind (i.e. author(s) do not know the reviewers, and reviewers do not have the information of author(s).).

Click here to download the official template for the submission to iCAST & UMEDIA 2013. Conference content will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases.

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All attendees should make the registration of iCAST 2013 & UMEDIA 2013. And one author per paper MUST be accompanied by one mandatory registration before the Author Registration due date. Without a dedicated registration, the paper will not be included in the proceeding. Generally a registration fee includes the followings:(1) A copy of the proceedings in a USB memory; (2) Tickets to social events; and (3) souvenir(s). Details can be found below:

(by Sep 20, 2013)
(IEEE Mbr)
Student   30,000   40,000

1. All fees are calculated in Japanese Yen and all payment should be made in Japanese Yen.
2. One full registration for one accepted paper is required.
3. Discount for multiple paper registration is provided but entrance to social events and conference proceeding are not included for papers registered with discount rate.
4. On-line payment by Credit Card is preferred and strongly encouraged.
5. An IEEE membership number is required when an IEEE member rate is applied.

Example of registration with multiple papers: If an author has more than one accepted paper to be registered, we offer the discount from the second paper. For instance, if John is an IEEE member and has 3 accepted papers to be registered, the early-bird registration fee to each paper will be: 40,000 JPY for the first paper; 30,000 JPY for the second; and 30,000 for the third.However, we will only provide one badge and one conference package (e.g., proceeding, souvenir, etc.) for the first paper. That is, the rest 2 papers with discount rate will not have tickets to social events, conference proceeding, and etc.

Related Events

Workshop, Special Session, etc.

Call for Workshop / Special Session
In conjunction with the iCAST-13 & UMEDIA-13 conference, some number of workshops and special sessions will be held. If you would like to organize a workshop (or special session), please submit a proposal to the workshop Co-Chairs Neil Y. Yen (neilyyen@u-aizu.ac.jp) or Peng Li (pengli@u-aizu.ac.jp) by May 1, 2013. The workshop proposal should include following information:

  • 1. Title of the workshop
  • 2. Information of organizers (e.g., name, affiliation, email, etc.)
  • 3. Brief description of the workshop
  • 4. Expected number of papers to be submitted
  • 5. Call for paper of the workshop
  • 6. Tentative list of program committee members (Name, affiliation, country, email address)

  • Financial Supports for Workshop Organizer:
    If workshops are constructed successfully, the organizer (leading organizer) will get:
    - over 10 registered papers: 1 Free registration
    - over 20 registered papers: 2 Free registration

    Accepted Workshop (WS), Special Session (SS)
    (WS01: MSEAT 2013)
    Mobile Systems, E-Commerce, and Agent Technology
    [URL] [CFP]

    (WS02: ADET 2013)
    Advanced Distance Education Technologies
    [URL] [CFP]

    (WS03: iWSC 2013)
    Self-Conditioned Computing
    [URL] [CFP]

    (WS04: NCIPIU 2013)
    New Concepts in Image Processing and Image Understanding

    Awareness in Humans and Robots
    by Dr. Y. Sawada, Dr. M. Nakao

    Intuitive Human-System Interaction
    by Dr. M. Yokota, Dr. K. Araki

    Ubiquitous Computing for Intelligent Networks
    by Dr. Y.F. Huang, Dr. R.C. Chen, Dr. C.H. Hsieh

    Computing Social Awareness: Trends and Applications
    by Dr. B. Chakraborty, Dr. S. Banerjee

    Keynote Speakers

      Dr. Xin Yao                        Dr. Frank Hsu                     Dr. Gary G. Yen